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 This report aims to provide an overview of the balanced state of the Naples luxury real estate market, highlighting key factors contributing to its stability and continued growth.

In the first half of 2023, the Naples market has returned to normalcy, equilibrium, and rational buying behavior.  

The Naples/Bonita luxury housing market for the 2nd quarter has surprised some but not all of us here in Naples. What was predicted to be a significant slowdown in 2023 has yet to materialize. Naples continues to see a surge in domestic and international wealth migration as homebuyers from high-tax, high-density states relocate to Naples and other parts of Southwest Florida. Continuous growth in population and economic activity has fostered a thriving housing market with home prices remaining resilient. 

Naples continues to be ranked in the top 5 US cities with the highest average sale price. Even after Naples took a significant hit in the months after Ian, it has been bouncing back, according to the WSJ.

With the speed and degree to which the markets have changed in the past three years it is vital that you choose real estate agents with a deep understanding of the trends and market dynamics.  If you are thinking of selling or UPGRADING Take advantage of our on-site real estate experts.  They will be able to discuss with you the best 

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